Instructions for Connecting Tuner

Turn Ignition off whilst installing

Connect coloured tuner wires to relevant pins on ECU you can either take top of ECU and solder to pins in ECU or or splice into wires feeding in to ECU
Please look at pictures below and make sure you connect to the correct pins/wires


Simply join 5 wire to the existing wires on ECU picture shows pin connections

If yours is not the 55 pin Bosch ECU contact me with car details and I will check for suitable tuner


  • Yellow pin 14
  • Red pin 16
  • Black pin 19
  • White pin 37
  • Green pin 39
See  the relevant pins for connection



Instructions for setting up Tuner

Once tuner has been connected it is necessary to adjust tuner tuner to get the best from your engine


1/ With engine turned OFF and after tuner has been connected.
Remove jumper if across pins 1,2 or 3 of tuner (marked jumper in picture)
Turn the adjuster screw on tuner anticlockwise approximately 15 turns
(this turns tuner power right down)

2/ Start the engine and leave running until the light in tuner stops flashing and light stays on. If engine is cold leave engine running until it reaches normal operating temperature.

3/ Once engine is up to temperature continue with tuning
Turn the adjuster screw clockwise until the engine just start to run unevenly/lumpy ,this may take multiple turns of the screw.

4/ Once you have adjusted screw clockwise so that the engine starts to run unevenly, turn adjuster screw back (anticlockwise) 3 full turns,  by turning screw anticlockwise 3 full turns engine will run evenly again

5/  Tuner is now set for your car and will only need adjusting if you want more power or get a warning light
If any error code or warning light appears (tuner set to high) simply turn adjuster screw on tuner anticlockwise a couple of turns to reduce tuner power.
If warning light does not disappear whilst reducing tuner power you may have to turn the ignition OFF wait 30 seconds then turn on again.
Turning adjuster screw clockwise Increases power.
Turning adjuster screw anticlockwise reduces power.
When using tuner there should be no more smoke produced than normal, if extra smoke is being produced (tuner set to high) turn down tuner to a acceptable level (anticlockwise)


Jumper Settings
The jumper offer a choice of when tuner works and can be set to suit your own driving style, Some people only want tuner to work under hard acceleration others want it working all the time.

If jumper is removed tuner works all the time (none of pins 1,2 or3 are connected together)

If jumper is across pins 1 and 2 the tuner only works when throttle / accelerator is pressed approximately quarter way down
If jumper is across pins 2 and 3 the tuner only works when throttle / accelerator is pressed approximately half way down